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Burn Notice – 4×14 Hot Property

Burn Notice Our favorite Spy returned last week at 10PM EST on USA Network. Following the Summer mid-Season finale “Guilty as Charged,” Jeffrey Donovan‘s character Michael Westen picks up right where he left off in “Eyes Open.” Tonight’s episode “Hot Property” guest starring Callie Thorne, finds Michael himself trapped when a malicious thief returns to Miami with a plan to steal a chemical weapon away from a group of Venezuelan Revolutionaries. (more…)


Stargate Universe – 2×08 Malice

Stargate Universe Tonight at 8PM EST, we find out the fate of Julie McNiven‘s character Ginn (Update: Click ‘Read More’ and Scroll to the bottom of this Article for Episode Spoilers). The reluctant Lucian Alliance member (and Eli‘s new girlfriend) we’ve grown to love this Season. The 8th Episode of Season 2 will no doubt be filled with gripping drama, as the Promos have shown a new side to Rush and Eli. (more…)

Private Practice 4×07 – Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?

Private Practive CastAll I can say is wow (in a shocking way)! Last night’s Private Practice left me with chills, and it doesn’t surprise me that it was written by Shonda Rhimes, the Grey’s Anatomy extraordinaire from which this show spun-off from.

The 7th episode in Season 4 of Private Practice entitled “Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King” deals with (more…)

Desperate Housewives Season 7

Desperate Housewives Logo So Season 7 of Desperate Housewives is underway, and I know I can`t be the only one who`s underwhelmed.

Season 6 was such a great revelation, full of drama, strife, and action (even a serial killer) that we’ve come to love on our little corner of Wisteria Lane.

Season 7? It`s like the great foreplay to horrible sex. (more…)

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