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What to Watch, What to DVR [11/11/10 – 11/14/10] Part 1

Check your local listings for official timeslots and channels that they air on. For multiple shows in the same timeslot, they’re listed in “Must-See” order.

For comedies that are in the ½ Hour timeslots, they’re still covered in that time-range. For example, If we’re talking 8PM EST Time-range, that includes the entire 1 hour timeslot. So a comedy at 8:30PM that’s interesting enough would still be included.

Thursday (11/11/10)

The Vampire Diaries 8:00PM EST/5:00PM PST – Watch The Vampire Diaries “Katerina”: Katherine’s past is finally revealed when Elena puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about what her own future may hold. Jeremy teams up with Bonnie after she casts a difficult spell. Stefan and Damon both come to Elena’s assistance, and in the process, learn some information about vampires, people and events in the distant past. The brothers also come to reach a new understanding. Meanwhile, Caroline tries to make things easier for Tyler. (more…)


Supernatural Season 6

Supernatural Season 6 One of my favorite shows for Years now has been The CW’s Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The show’s basic premise is a family that hunts down supernatural “baddies” who have manifested themselves in our real world.

Think the male version of Charmed (another old CW/WB hit of the same genre). Over the Years they’ve made and lost friends, and have become stronger for it (much like The Charmed Ones). (more…)

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