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Burn Notice Our favorite Spy returned last week at 10PM EST on USA Network. Following the Summer mid-Season finale “Guilty as Charged,” Jeffrey Donovan‘s character Michael Westen picks up right where he left off in “Eyes Open.” Tonight’s episode “Hot Property” guest starring Callie Thorne, finds Michael himself trapped when a malicious thief returns to Miami with a plan to steal a chemical weapon away from a group of Venezuelan Revolutionaries.

That episode dealt with Michael trying to prevent a lawyer out for revenge against a local gang, as he recovered from his attacks in “Guilty As Charged.” Elsewhere, Michael and Jesse worked to track down a highly sensitive document that was stolen. Quite the tall task-order, but nothing Weston and his crew couldn’t handle.

This episode deals with an old foe from Michael’s past resurfacing to make his already difficult life more perilous. Will he, Fiona, Sam, and Jesse be able to stop their enemy in time or will Michael finally meet a mission where he couldn’t handle it all?

Find out tonight on USA Network, and in the meantime check out the Promos below. 🙂


Comments on: "Burn Notice – 4×14 Hot Property" (1)

  1. hmm.. used to watch this and then i stopped.. might pick up again

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