Your Guide to Tube-time

Stargate Universe Tonight at 8PM EST, we find out the fate of Julie McNiven‘s character Ginn (Update: Click ‘Read More’ and Scroll to the bottom of this Article for Episode Spoilers). The reluctant Lucian Alliance member (and Eli‘s new girlfriend) we’ve grown to love this Season. The 8th Episode of Season 2 will no doubt be filled with gripping drama, as the Promos have shown a new side to Rush and Eli.

Throughout the prior Episode “The Greater Good“, we saw Lucian Alliance antagonist Simeon threaten her about leaking any secrets to Homeworld security and Stargate Command. We also saw Rush manipulate the situation yet again. Besides hiding his discovery of Destiny’s bridge, Rush also took advantage of Eli’s new girlfriend by having Dr. Amanda Perry (Rush’s love interest) be the one swapping into Ginn’s body during her visit to Earth by using the Communication Stones.

Dr. Amanda Perry, Simeon, and Ginn In turn, Simeon managed to find out about this swap from Amanda during a tense hallway encounter in “The Greater Good.” You could tell that he knew she was double-crossing them, and wasn’t going to let that happen. The Episode ended with Simeon entering Ginn/Amanda’s room and closing the door behind him.

We were left with the following questions:

What did he do to Ginn/Amanda?
Are Ginn/Amanda both dead? Or, is one of them trapped in the other’s body?
How did Simeon get loose? What happened to his Guard?
How will Rush and Eli react to what happened?
How will Eli react to Rush’s continued manipulation of situations, this time resulting in the death of someone loved?

Ginn One thing we can be sure of, it’s a tough loss to lose Ginn’s character. Julie McNiven did a marvelous job in portraying Ginn and has–albeit a short time– endeared to a lot of Stargate Universe fans. I think many would agree that it would be a shame to lose her, and it would be a shame to have Eli lose someone he was just beginning to love.

Update: For those of you who saw the Episode last night, you know by now that Ginn is indeed dead (for now), and Mandy as well. I say “for now,” because Producer Joseph Mallozzi has said/hinted recently that we may see her again in the future, though in what form and how remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it’s still great news. Oh, and Simeon gets his just deserts via some Rush vengeance. 🙂


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