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Supernatural Season 6 One of my favorite shows for Years now has been The CW’s Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. The show’s basic premise is a family that hunts down supernatural “baddies” who have manifested themselves in our real world.

Think the male version of Charmed (another old CW/WB hit of the same genre). Over the Years they’ve made and lost friends, and have become stronger for it (much like The Charmed Ones).

Supernatural Winchester Brothers Currently in Season 6, the Winchester brothers are now dealing with a post-Apocalypse World where Heaven is embroiled in a Civil War and Hell is no better off. But I’ve got to say, I am not digging Season 6 at all. With each successive Season the brothers dealt with ever-increasing threats, from Season 1’s Demons to Season 5’s Devil himself in the penultimate Lucifer vs. Michael battle. This Season, you have Dean settling down—albeit temporarily, and Sam without a Soul.

Really?! Or for you Grey’s Anatomy fans out there: Seriously?!

Castiel Now don’t get me wrong, there are some bright spots. Like the return of Bobby and our lovable Angel Castiel. But, there are just too many plot-holes present this Season that gives you that stretched-out feeling (as if things are being dragged out, just to fill quota). This would mark the 3rd time that Supernatural is extended beyond its projected run.

Part of that may owe itself to series creator Eric Kripke’s departure, and The CW renewing the show for a 6th Season due to strong Season 5 ratings. Even though Kripke had wrapped up most of the main storylines in Season 5’s finale “Swan Song,” including the aforementioned destiny both brothers faced as the vessels of Archangel Michael and fallen Archangel Lucifer.

In Season 6, Sam discovers his maternal grandfather—played by Sci-Fi veteran Mitch Pileggi (X-Files, Stargate Atlantis, and Grey’s Anatomy), has been resurrected from Heaven. Sam also comes back without a certain something (hint: Bart Simpson fans can relate). Dean has become a surrogate father/husband, but eventually—and reluctantly—leaves that behind to help Sam again.

Imagine that, Sam now being the one who craves hunting, and Dean wanting to settle down and get away from the family business. I won’t reveal too much more of Season 6, to allow you to see for yourself and gauge your reactions.

That being said, what’s your take on it so far?

Castiel 2


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