Your Guide to Tube-time

Castle (TV Show) Logo ABC’s hit Monday night crime-drama Castle is well underway, and Season 3 does not disappoint. For those of you not familiar with the show, it features the awesome acting duo of Nathan Fillion (Firefly) & Stana Katic (multiple TV Shows & Film). Murder novelist Richard Castle (Fillion) teams up with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Katic) and solves Gotham’s “Real-Life” murder mysteries all while traversing the tight-rope that is their attraction for one another.

Filled with great banter, smooth plot-lines, and great character development the ensemble on Castle really delivers.

Season 2 left us unsure of Castle’s return to either his crime-solving duties or his partner Detective Beckett. Beckett explored a new love interest with fellow Detective Tom Demming, while Castle was having trouble on a new Book. At the end of the Season 2 finale “A Deadly Game,” Beckett breaks things off with Demming and Castle leaves to work on his book in seclusion with Publisher/ex-wife Gina Cowell.

Castle (TV Show) 2 Season 3 busts right onto the scene as Castle, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, is accused of a murder. On top of it all, Castle has to mend wounds over the way he left in Season 2, not just with his partner but the entire department. At home things get more complicated as he renews his relationship with Cowell, and his daughter Alexis has a new boyfriend. All around leaving Castle feeling left out, ironic since that’s the way many felt when he left them at Season 2’s end.

Overall, Season 3 has done a great job at finally addressing—and directly building up—the chemistry that Fillion & Katic’s characters play. I’m looking forward to see where they take the rest of the Season, and what hurdles they’ll throw at these two (‘cause you know they won’t make it easy for them 🙂 ).

Castle (TV Show) 1


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