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Desperate Housewives Logo So Season 7 of Desperate Housewives is underway, and I know I can`t be the only one who`s underwhelmed.

Season 6 was such a great revelation, full of drama, strife, and action (even a serial killer) that we’ve come to love on our little corner of Wisteria Lane.

Season 7? It`s like the great foreplay to horrible sex.

Now don`t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the first couple of Episodes in the new Season. At first, bringing Vanessa Williams into the fold (fresh off of her Wilhelmina bout), you`d figure “alright, sparks are about to fly, and shit`s about to hit the proverbial fan.” Which was the case early on, where VW (who plays Renee Perry) was her genuine bad bitchy self to those around her, that we`d grown to love on Ugly Betty.

Desperate Housewives Season 7 Promo Now? Not so much. Now it`s just screaming Plot fluff (you know, when a long running show starts adding ‘names’ to the cast to cover creative impotence).

But, it`s not just that. The whole Susan as a soft-core Porn housewife to pay her bills is a bit much. I mean c’mon, seriously? This is Susan we`re talking about here.

And what about the loose tie-ins to Season 6`s cliffhanger. You`d think Lynette as strong as she is, would have at least some PTSD trauma to deal with following her ordeal. I mean even the hard-as-steel Christina Yang is still dealing with her ordeals following that epic Grey`s Anatomy Season 6 finale.

So far, the once promising VW addition is rapidly looking like a downgrade from Drea de Matteo`s great performance on the show. Desperate Housewives has even seen a drop in viewership from Season 6 to Season 7 by a couple of Million Viewers, and a Ratings Drop for their time-slot over the last few Years (hitting a new low of #14 last Year).

Here`s hoping to rapid improvement as the Season goes on. For now, not even a Gabby centered Maternity-Ward Faux Pas can help save this Season IMO.

Desperate Housewives Season 7


Comments on: "Desperate Housewives Season 7" (4)

  1. hmm.. you have a point. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t follow up on what happened to the murderer.. nothing at all. It was like one minute lynette is held hostage by him and the next minute she is home. Her friends didnt even make a fuss about her baby.. it was a bit weird, except i missed a whole episode…. but yea I see your point.

    Also, I expected more from Wilemina lol a lot more drama.. i can only hope they have more tricks up their sleeves! As or Christina in greys..honestly.. this is a mean thing to say but I am getting tired of it… not the show just what she is going through I feel like she needs to get over it and move on.. but obviously i am only saying this as a spectator, i know what she went through was extremely traumatising.. i just miss the old christina!

    • Yeah, it was as if the writer’s decided to take a few weeks off and totally ignore Season 6 ever happened.

      She was chippy and upbeat awaiting her friend’s arrival (VW’s character). I know Lynette is strong, and I’ve always admired her for that…but no one can recover from something that traumatic so fast.

      I think they dropped the ball with that one, but the start of Season was good, and I’m now just waiting to see how they can repair the rest of Season 7.

      As for Grey’s…yeah, I agree a little. I know they can’t wrap it fast (or else they’d have the same problem that Housewives’ is having above). But, at least make her (Christine) more than the one-dimensional person she has been the last few weeks.

      At least they’re getting her back on track and back to the old Christine we’ve come to know over the Years at Seattle Grace. 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard of a new season coming up to air in the Philippines. ohh what a bummer!

    Anyways, great post you got here!(although i must say i skipped some), havent watched both dh and greys season 7 yet.:(

  3. That’s a bummer indeed. Don’t worry though, you guys will likely get the new Season sometime soon.

    This Season of Grey’s has been good so far, with a few minor issues here and there. 🙂

    Oh, and thanks! G;ad you liked the post, there will more like it in the future so keep checking back! 😀

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